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2 options to choose from


Term life

It’s simple: You pay a monthly premium for a predefined term (typically 10 to 30 years). If you pass away during the term, your beneficiary gets a lump-sum cash payment.

Is term life the right choice?

Term life is great if:

  • You have kids that’d need more financial security if you passed away suddenly
  • You have short-term obligations, like student loans, debts, etc.
  • You want lower premiums

Whole life

Whole life policies aren’t limited to a term. They last your whole life and can also accumulate value over time.

Is whole life right for you?

Whole life is great if:

  • You want coverage that has no term limits
  • You want your policy’s value to grow over time
  • You can afford premiums 5x to 15x more expensive than term life

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3 out of 4 adults in America have some form of life insurance


Do I even need life insurance?


Life insurance is great if you have people depending on you financially. But if you’re younger and don’t have any dependents or large debts, you’re probably ok without a policy.

Which type of life insurance should I get?


It really depends on your situation. Nine times out of 10, term life will be the right choice. But if you have more money to spend on monthly premiums and want coverage that isn’t dependent on term limits, whole life might be for you.

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