Deposit Alternative

Don’t pay a security deposit

It’s your money, after all.
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How Deposit Alternative works

Sign up

If your landlord supports the service, just download the Homebody app and create an account.

Pay a small monthly premium

It’s just for the duration of your lease, and it’s cheap.

Save hundreds

Instead of $1,000 up front for a security deposit, you pay about $130 over the course of your lease.*

Use your money how you want

Put the cash you save toward next month’s rent, your student loan, or anything else!

*Amount may vary
First Month's Rent.
Last Month's Rent.
Make it easier to move into your next apartment.
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Deposit Alternative can save you up to $1300*

*Amount may vary


Do I get my money back at the end of my lease?


No. Deposit Alternative is an alternative to a security deposit that still provides similar protection. So instead of putting up a bunch of cash when you move in, you end up paying a lot less over the course of your lease.

Can I sign up for Deposit Alternative?


Because you pay rent to your landlord or their property management company, Deposit Alternative is only available when they’re involved.

How much does it cost?


Cost is determined by your property management company, and it varies by property. When you move out, your policy ends.

Why do I pay more or less than my friend who also uses Deposit Alternative?


Property owners and managers determine the price for their tenants. In some markets, they might charge more to manage the service.

Is it worth it?


If you want to keep your cash and make moving in more affordable, then definitely!

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